For income independence and ultimate lifestyle freedom!

New A-to-Z System that Hauls in Traffic, Locks In
Opt-Ins, Ramps Up Conversion and Simplifies List Building…
WITHOUT the Risk, Stress, or Learning Curve that Dooms Most
Businesses and Would-Be Entrepreneurs...

headshot224Dear Entrepreneur,

What's the ultimate excitement?

A new baby? Buying a new home? Winning the lottery?

Back when I was hauling bricks for a living (and after I dropped out of high school) I thought it was probably skydiving… or maybe hitting it big in Vegas.

But the first time I put together a real marketing campaign that actually worked, with the right balance of traffic, opt ins, conversions, and sales…

… It was the ultimate high!

Finally, I could see a clear path to income independence and the lifestyle freedom I longed for.

But what I didn’t realize was it was just the beginning...

That sudden profit surge was just a small vein of gold… bringing me closer to the mother lode I would eventually hit.

I still had a rugged road ahead, full of potholes, detours, and hairpin turns before I would have a solid system and repeatable strategy that allowed me to really crank up the traffic.

I apprenticed to world-famous marketers, studied every advertising method imaginable, and became a highly-paid email expert.

But I realized my students, clients, and members needed to go deeper and create more long-term engagement with their lists… and more responsive lists with more rapport, increasingly profitable relationships, and a duplicatable list building and monetization method.

And they didn’t want to spend years to become copywriters, SEO or Adwords experts, or creating expensive and complicated products.

To achieve maximum online lift-off it required…

360-Degree Capacity For Niche Selection, Product Creation,
Funnel Development and Unlimited Traffic.

Thus the The New EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” Quick Start List-Business Blueprint was born.

More than 3 years and a thousand hours in the making, it’s evolved into the most complete and comprehensive, list-business trainings and toolsets available anywhere.

PART I: The foundational 4-MODULE Fellowship Fortune In-a-Box Fast-Implementation Method!

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last 12 years of intense online marketing, it’s this…

There’s nothing magical about a list of email addresses.

In fact, the size of your list is not really the key factor at all.

You can go online right now and buy a list of a million email addresses for $100, and I can guarantee, you just wasted a hundred bucks.

The KEY is the relationship, familiarity, and trust you build with that list.

If you have that, you can quickly build an automated 6-figure income with a tiny list of only a couple thousand names… even just selling affiliate products.

It's why I've beefed up my EMAIL ALCHEMY "ELITE" membership to give you the full gamut of business-building essentials.

We now start right at the very beginning, and quickly establish a solid footing and foundation for a lucrative list-based business:

How to Choose the Perfect Niche, at the precise intersection of passion and profitability… so you can focus on something you love and build a fellowship of like-minded buyers (get started immediately endorsing affiliate offers)...

Web Technology Made Easy… the quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get set up on the web for rapid list-building, nurturing and monetization… way too many people get stumped right here and there’s simply no reason for it.

The Proven Product Creation Formula, your day-by-day guide for creating your first digital product in 4 weeks or less (or selecting the right affiliate product to sell to your list)... I’ll show you how to get paid before your brain-child is even created.

The 4 Pillars of List Building, where I show you how to assemble the all-important copy for high-converting lead capture pages, lead generation magnets, and monetization pages… and exactly how to get massive traffic with OPL (other people’s lists) and OPM (other people’s money).

Even if you haven’t yet fallen off the online marketing turnip truck, you can be ready to welcome your first subscribers in as little as 8 weeks.

And here’s what you’ll mail them...

PART II: EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” 2.0’s CORE ARSENAL of Over 120 Meticulously Constructed Email Templates in the Essential 12 List-Building and Monetization Categories…

At my standard client rate of $2,500 per email, we’re easily over $250.000 so far… an outrageous figure, but those are the facts.

Yet these TEMPLATES can make you far more than that when you’re saving loads of time and money with unlimited, professional, ready-made emails at your fingertips... over 65,000 words of spell-binding copy that you can easily adapt for your own use!

And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling affiliate products or your own brain-child product or service. If your target market uses email, you will have an unparalleled ability to build, bond, and monetize.

You’ll have a complete arsenal of world-class DONE-4-YOU email persuasion for managing the entire subscriber life-cycle, from opt-in to buy-in (and beyond)…

...For customer intelligence gathering, welcoming subscribers, eliciting testimonials, delivering lead generation magnets, creating anticipation, retrieving lost customers, generating sales appointments, closing the deal, filling up live events, joint-venture marketing… and so much more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT me giving you emails that I’ve used to sell my products, (that’s really not very useful if you’re not selling something similar).

This is not like other template packages that give you generic, poorly written, two paragraph emails, or those cheesy software programs that spit out garbage.

It’s the exact same system I personally use to create emails and full-on email campaigns for my big time private clients, the same caliber of emails they pay me $2,500 per email to create.

You get to use them royalty free for any product or service sold or recommended by your own business (Not for third party use).

Watch This Short Video For A Detailed
Description And Demonstration Of This Unbelievably
Powerful Rapid-Fire Email Creation Resource:

PART III: The INFINITE ARSENAL - 4 NEW EMAIL ALCHEMY TEMPLATES Each and Every Month… Written for Members, Created From Scratch, For YOU!

There's nothing like watching a (humble) master at work... for picking up the subtle nuances of email persuasion, honed to razor sharpness over thousands of hours of battle-hardened experience.

Let me drill into your business and lovingly craft a brand-new template for the group, fleshed out for YOUR immediate use.

I do this almost every week for my members, so by this time next year, you’ll have an extra 48 TEMPLATES… adding another $120K of value to your marketing vault.

Even more valuable than the $2,500 emails I create specifically for you, is the strategy and consulting that often comes with them.

I will ask you tough questions and make pointed and actionable suggestions to help you improve the positioning of your offer and the overall messaging and sequencing of your campaign.

Your skills will also sharpen quickly, as you watch me do this with other members each week.


Discover my behind-the-scenes strategies, the hidden thought processes, sequencing, and deep experience I draw on to create these killer email campaigns entirely from scratch.

You get more than 12 hours of intense email-creation instruction, plus my “Email Starter” and Campaign Planner worksheets, for mapping-out series structure and creating brilliant "from scratch" EMAIL ALCHEMY campaigns on your own.

Discover the secrets to crafting cannot-be-ignored emails that earn you $3-to-$16 per subscriber every couple of weeks.

Track 1 sells on its own on my website for $997!


This is a whole membership site, all on its own, where I share the strategies I’m

personally using, and teaching to my private clients, to create self-liquidation sequences. It covers all types of media, from banner ads to opt-in pages to video sales letters and webinars and everything in between.  

You get 6-full Modules of training, including…

>>> Secret Motivations, Hidden Mindset, and Untouched Hot Buttons of High-Value Serial Buyers!

>>> Advanced Campaign Structure and Hidden-Profit Flashpoints...

>>> How to Out-think, Out-market, and Out-sell Everybody Else in Your Niche Through Sheer Inventiveness and Creative Volume

>>> And so much more!

PART VI: Private Member's-Only Facebook COMMUNITY MASTERMIND and Monthly GROUP COACHING...

Ask questions and log on to a group coaching call with me and your fellow ELITE members, each and every month, for further training on niche selection, tech, product creation, template adaptation, list building, auto-responder systems, any and all HOT TOPICS that come up.

The coaching is laser-focused on YOU during the calls… no matter if you need my in-depth critiques of emails, squeeze pages, sales pages, or campaign strategy.

And there’s nothing off limits... whether it’s funnel evaluation, niche selection, product creation, template adaptation, campaign structure, optin pages, lead generation magnets, positioning, unique selling proposition, you name it...

… My brain is YOURS at these calls.

This is real-time roadblock busting with real businesses.

EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” is a living membership. You’re never alone.

It’s also a closed membership.

Openings only become available at such time as my capacity to support new members allows.

If you’re reading this web page, now is one of those times.

Intake is open. But it will close shortly, when the limit of my bandwidth to properly support my new and existing members is reached.

FAIR WARNING: These Intakes Typically
Do Not Last More Than a Couple of Days. So If You
Want In, You Have to Move Fast...

How much?

Well, it’s a fact that high-quality list building courses, like the Fellowship Fortune in a Box, typically run between a thousand and two thousand dollars.

Of course, none of them includes an extensive arsenal of world-class, universally adaptable templates for actually monetizing your list. But let’s give the new Fellowship Fortune in a Box training a modest $997 value.

You're also getting the done-4-you fill-in-the blank email TEMPLATE ARSENAL, both the core arsenal that’s in the member’s area now (over 120 templates)... and also the evolving INFINITE arsenal that grows around your needs each and every month, virtually doubling in value over the course of the next year. Even at less than 1/10 my customary $2,500 per email rate, that’s a $25,000 value.

You're also getting the full EMAIL ALCHEMY training, which sells every day on my website for $997 ...and the CAMPAIGN CONVERSION MULTIPLIER sessions, too, yet an additional $1,297 value.

And the Facebook mastermind and monthly group coaching? $1,164 for the year would be ridiculously low.

So Even Taking a Very Conservative Approach In
Valuing These Components, That Pegs the Total Value
Of This One-of-a-Kind Program at Over $29,455...

Yet annual membership in EMAIL ALCHEMY "ELITE" 2.0 sells for just $5,000.

And while I'm still able to accommodate new members… I want to offer you an unprecedented 60% discount. So just $1,997, if you join in time. I’ll even finance that for you if money is tight. 3 tiny monthly payments of just $797. You can pay for your membership with the income it brings you.

You’re in for a full year, and everything in the member’s area is yours for life. Even if you do not renew in a year’s time, everything that’s in there on the last day of your membership is yours to download and keep and use, royalty free, forever. Incredibly affordable for everything you’re getting.

I also want you to know you can feel safe and relaxed in your decision to join, because I’m backing you up 100% with an unprecedented “you must be delighted by your membership” guarantee.

Remember, this is a supported program.

When you join, you’re essentially hiring me as your coach. And like any good coach, I don’t accept excuses for inaction, because that’s not going to get you what you want.

We’re not going to let fear rob you of your destiny, and it’s my job to make sure that’s really not an option for you. So...

EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” 2.0 Comes With a 30-Day
100% Delight Assured, Guarantee, You Must Be Thrilled
With Your Investment, Or Your Money Back!

redguaranteeTo be eligible for a refund, you simply complete the Fellowship Fortune in a Box module 1 worksheets and send them to me.

It’s just a series of questions, and by the time you complete the module and you work through these questions, you will know exactly what kind of business you’re going to pursue, at the precise intersection of passion and profitability, and how to differentiate yourself in that niche.

As you can see, EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” works incredibly well if you do the work…

"I highly recommend you get involved with Daniel Levis and EMAIL ALCHEMY...
it's a great program we use in our own business!" - Mike Filsaime

"With English as my second language, I've always struggled to write copy...
I'm stoked with my EMAIL ALCHEMY results!" - Yassin Shaar

"Tens of thousands of dollars worth of copy written and pulling in sales
(and months of my time saved) in LESS than 7 days!" - Charlie Hutton

"EMAIL ALCHEMY is guaranteed to take your game to the next level, even
with limited resources... it's completely changed my life!" - James Fry

"Split Test: The old campaign generated 38 sales. My new
campaign, Levis style, generated 330 sales!" - Jon Bowes

"Email Alchemy DOUBLED our sales from the first promotion and more
than paid for itself the first weekend we had it!" - Peter Ippolito

"Your email didn’t just give us a 10x or 20x return on investment... it got us
a 100x return on investment! We are pretty happy!" - John Munsell

"Daniel Levis knows more about email than anyone I've ever met.
He's the only person I recommend on the subject, and the only person
whose webinar I've sat through for over an hour and a half
because I was so fascinated." - Drayton Bird

...And if you do the work, and you aren’t besides yourself with excitement about the income potential and the possibilities ahead. If you don’t see the value, in spades…

...Just send an email to support @ within the next 30 days, with your worksheets from module 1 attached, and your acknowledgement in writing that you relinquish your license to use any of the email templates… and we’ll cheerfully refund your money and part friends.

So the only risk is not getting involved during this very short enrollment window I have open right now, at 60% off the regular price.

You Now Stand at a Crucial Crossroad... Your Decision
Today Will Alter The Course Of  Your Life…

You can continue to struggle financially, piling up credit card debt, failing repeatedly in one superficial business opportunity after another… or you can confidently follow your bliss and the money will come, as it has for so many of our members.

Or maybe you’re still dragging yourself out of bed each morning to take your place at a J-O-B where you bust your hump to build somebody else’s dream… why not build your own dream and wake up each morning with a smile on your face and a spring in your step?…

The choice is yours.

Join us now while you’ve  got the chance.


Here Are a Few Questions People Have Asked Before
Joining This Life-Changing New Program…

QUESTION: How long will it take me to see results?

ANSWER: From ground zero, assuming you have nothing in place now, and know nothing about the list-building business, within 6-8 weeks’ time, if you work your butt off, you could be ready to welcome your first subscribers and begin generating cash.

Of course, there are no guarantees. And it’s up to you how fast you progress. You can take as long as you like to get up and running, but I’ve designed this for speed, if you need it. And I will tell you this:

There is no faster, easier or more leveraged strategy, skill or capability available to you anywhere if you define results by money in your bank account… and the reawakening of your soul that comes from breaking free from wage slavery and finally being able to do what you were born to do.

Obviously. a good deal of the answer to this question depends on you...

Are you the kind of person who can follow instructions? Are you the kind of person who can take action? Or are you a training junkie who just likes to buy stuff and never use it?

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t get discouraged when you blow it the first time around? And are you coachable in that case, and willing to put your ego aside and follow a proven plan?

Entrepreneurship just doesn’t get any faster or easier than this. It doesn’t get any more foolproof than this. And it doesn’t get any more rewarding than this.

So go ahead, take a deep breath and put both feet firmly on the floor.

Then click one of the buttons and take your shot!

QUESTION: With everything else I have going on in my life, I’m wondering if I’ll be able to find the time to learn this new skill… how much time is involved in going through the training?

ANSWER: Going through the training takes about 12 hours. How long it takes to implement what you learn, is of course, an unanswerable question.

It depends on you.

And I get it, you’re busy. We all are. That said, wouldn’t you prefer to invest a few hours of your time in something that can give you financial freedom and financial security and a deep and abiding sense of personal satisfaction, than some of those other things you’re doing now?

The secret to wealth is typically not much more than getting your priorities straight… and focusing your resources where they have the most impact. That is unquestionably, entrepreneurship. And list building and email marketing bring a business of your own within reach, especially when you do them the EMAIL ALCHEMY way.

If you’re thinking you’re going to build a better life without making a substantial investment, whether it be time or money, you’re just deluding yourself. And this program is the biggest time saver going.

Take five minutes and wipe something of less importance off your schedule, so you can make time for this. Put it to work, and you’ll be able to buy time with the money it makes you.

There will never be a better time to re-prioritize your life and get a better plan working for you. How else will you gain the lifestyle freedom you’re looking for?

QUESTION: What if I don't renew after the first year, can I still use the training and templates?

ANSWER: Absolutely, you can. When you've paid your annual fee, the templates are yours to use and profit from, for life!

This is a living membership, it will continue to get bigger and better and more comprehensive, the template arsenal is expanding weekly around your needs. It will be much more than it is now, a year from now… and still, you can download everything on the last day, cancel, and then use everything you have downloaded for life, royalty free.

By the same token, if you take the payment plan and you default on any of the payments you lose the legal right to use any of the templates and your membership will be terminated.

QUESTION: Do people even read emails these days, isn’t it a dying media?

ANSWER: Social media is a phenomenon... but did you know there are more than 3 times as many email accounts as there are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts combined?

And did you know — according to a recent study of more than 500 million shopping experiences by Ecommerce Quarterly — that somebody who agrees to receive emails from you is four and a half times more likely to buy from you than somebody who follows you on social media?

Another study showed that not only are people four and half times as likely to buy from you through an email relationship versus a social media one, they’re also about 14 times more likely to see your marketing message.

So an email subscriber is actually worth about 63 times more than a social media follower.

Doesn’t it just make sense to build a business where people are spending money, especially when it’s almost FREE to communicate with them? That’s why growing and monetizing an email list is your ticket to freedom.

QUESTION: How good of a writer do I need to be?

ANSWER: Well that’s the whole point of this. You don’t have be a good writer at all. You can totally suck at writing emails. Because here, with this, with the template ARSENAL, you just have to fill in the blanks...

All of the hard, creative stuff has been DONE 4 YOU… all of the trial and error about what works and what doesn’t has been taken care of… all of the heavy lifting, handled...

If you to go through the trainings, take action, and you take the filling in of those blanks seriously, watch a few videos to see how it’s done… and you have got basic high school English, you can start earning almost immediately.

If it were me, 12 years ago when I first realized the income potential of list-building and email marketing… man, I’d have hit one of those order buttons so hard and so fast it’d be frightening. I'd be scared to death I wouldn't get in before this fills up.

Don’t blow it! Get started today.