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Your Home Base for a Summary of the Launch Commissions and Prizes,
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Exceptional Commissions and Well Over
$250,000 in Additional Cash Prizes and Bonuses

You will want to mail early and mail often because this will be one of the most lucrative launches you'll find anywhere. You get 40% on all sales you refer during the launch.

And I'm giving away over $250,000 in additional cash prizes and bonuses...

Override on Leads (Opt-Ins):

  1st place on leads leaderboard at cart open gets a 25% override on sales.

  2nd place on leads leaderboard at cart open gets a 20% override on sales.

  3rd place on leads leaderboard at cart open gets a 15% override on sales.

  4th place on leads leaderboard at cart open gets a 10% override on sales.

  5th place on leads leaderboard at cart open gets a 5% override on sales.

Override on Sales:

  1st place on sales leaderboard at cart close gets a 25% override on sales.

  2nd place on sales leaderboard at cart close gets a 20% override on sales.

  3rd place on sales leaderboard at cart close gets a 15% override on sales.

  4th place on sales leaderboard at cart close gets a 10% override on sales.

  5th place on sales leaderboard at cart close gets a 5% override on sales.

Here's an example to clarify how this works:

Let's say you're number 1 in leads (25% override) and number 3 in sales (15% override). That means in addition to your base 40% commission on the gross sale proceeds, you get an additional 40% override on those commissions. So for every dollar in base commission you earn, I pile on an additional 40 cents!

And overrides apply on rebills, too! So you'll get juicy ongoing commissions, for as long as your buyers remain in the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Commissions on monthly memberships are paid on the 15th of the month following the transaction (Because EMAIL ALCHEMY sales are final, 98% of commissions on first payment, annual, and lifetime memberships are paid to you within 7 days). No waiting for your money!

Guaranteed Reciprocal Mailings and a
$25K EMAIL ALCHEMY Swipe Package to Give
Your Affiliates on YOUR NEXT LAUNCH

Place in the TOP 10 on the sales leaderboard and I will promote your offer.

And this is not some kind of lame, half-ass effort made begrudgingly out of obligation. That's not how I roll.

I will clear the decks for a full 7 days and promote the HELL out of your offer and attempt to break ALL sales records. We will get on the phone and strategize an all-out EMAIL ALCHEMY onslaught to my entire list that will in all likelihood DOUBLE the money you make on my launch!

And when we're done, I will hand you the rights to use those same, highly personalized, story-driven emails in as many promotions as you please (dozens of high-voltage emails I would normally charge $25K to custom create). You give them to your affiliates to send out to their lists and you make another fortune.

"The last time Daniel promoted Sellerator, I made over $100,000... and then
much more when I sent his emails to my list and handed them out as swipes to
JV partners. I highly advise you to take him up on this offer!" - Jon Benson

"I just made arrangements to acquire his emails as swipes to give out to
ALL of my affiliates. Seriously, these swipes are so good, I fully expect
to double my sales in the coming months." - Chris Luck

"I am blown away to say that in the first 4 months we did over $300,000
in sales thanks to Daniel's promo and swipes." - Rob Kosberg

Here's the Game Plan and Done-4-You-Early Swipes...
Nuclear-Powered Copy You'll Be Proud to Send to Your List...

I know just how aggravating it is to deal with the limp, lame-duck copy most launch runners give you at the very last minute.

That's why I'm committed to not just giving you world-class swipes, but giving them to you early!

I want you to have plenty of time to make them your own. So you can demonstrate the raw power of EMAIL ALCHEMY to your subscribers in both word and deed.

PLC 1: A digital copy of my new book, The EMAIL ALCHEMIST, plus companion video training, The Death of List Building How to Ensure Reliable Business Growth and Profits, Before It's TOO LATE!

Live Date: Monday, October 17

Act 1 in our little passion play introduces a paradoxical enigma to draw in your subscribers. It's about the pain that people feel when they see their list burning out, or worse, never catching fire in the first place.

Disappointing open rates, clickthrough rates and sales, and getting worse. Tells them what to do about it, but not how to do it. Foreshadows the "how to" to come in PLC 2.

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IMPORTANT: If you want to get your affiliate link early, so you can check out the video and pre-load your emails for PLC-1 ahead of time, shoot us a quick email to support (at) daniellevis.com and make the request.

Optional, we will be mailing you this swipe copy with your personal affiliate link the day before the launch.

PLC 2: The Resurrection Formula — How to Survive Falling Clickthrough Rates and Revive Failing Sales!

Live Date: Thursday, October 20

In this second video I give your subscribers the solution, via a master-class on the various formulas that make EMAIL ALCHEMY emails impossible to ignore. I show them how a series of emails is constructed to create an avalanche of sales.

And I explain why these campaigns actually increase subscriber engagement, involvement and lifetime subscriber value. Then I introduce the complication (Time consuming and steep learning curve) and foreshadow the time and learning curve annihilator coming in PLC 3.

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PLC 3: The 10,000 Hour Annihilator — Slash Time and Effort as Lifeless Lists Come Back from the Dead

Live Date: Sunday, October 23

Resolves the complication raised in PLC2 by showing them "the crutch" I use to crank out over 800 high-converting EMAIL ALCHEMY style emails per year without breaking a sweat. Foreshadows how they can get one too in PLC4 (The offer).

Grab Your Swipe Here --> Click here for your PLC 3 swipe copy!

Email Alchemy ELITE Webinar / Early Bird Cart Open

Live Date: Wednesday, October 26

I'll be doing a content-rich webinar and "early bird" special offers at this webinar. Work hard to get your subscribers to this one because they will get special perks only available while they are at this webinar. There will be NO REPLAY.

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PLC 4: EMAIL ALCHEMY "ELITE" — A World-Class E-Marketing Department and Brain Trust at The Tip of Your Fingers

Live Date: Thursday, October 27

This is a VSL pitching the main offer and bonuses. There will be full details explaining everything they're getting, and the retail versus special launch pricing (60% discount).

There are three enrollment options. Lifetime ($5,000), Annual ($2,997), and Annual with financing (12 monthly payments of $297). Paypal financing (no payment and no interest for 6 months for US residents, OAC) will also be offered.

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Email Alchemy ELITE Webinar ENCORE

Live Date: Saturday, October 29

This will be a LIVE ENCORE of the webinar I do on October 26. The offer will be sans "early bird" perks. I will stay on as long as necessary to answer any and all attendee questions at the end of the webinar. Again, there will be NO REPLAY, so work hard to get your peeps to this event.

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Email Alchemy ELITE Cart Close

Live Date: Sunday, October 30

As you are probably aware, as much as 50% of launch sales come in on the very last day. So be ready to mail your list 3 or 4 times to maximize your sales. You are encouraged to offer a bonus of your own and we will send you a list of buyers after cart close.

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Email Alchemy for Newbies Webinar

Live Date: Tuesday, November 1

Immediately after cart close we down-shift to a lower ticket offer and clean up folks who wanted in but couldn’t justify the ELITE investment. Email Alchemy for Newbies is a scaled down version of ELITE, available for just $497. This webinar will focus on list building first, monetization second.

Grab Your Swipe Here --> Webinar Swipe Copy Released October 31

Email Alchemy for Newbies Cart Close

Live Date: Thursday, November 3

The pre-launch content and high value webinar trainings offered throughout the launch will create a tremendous amount of pent up demand for better, faster, cheaper email marketing. So make sure and give your list every opportunity to get involved at the special 60% launch pricing on this final day.

Grab Your Swipe Here --> Cart Close Swipe Copy Released November 2

This is going to be incredibly exciting!

My team and I look forward to working with you to maximize your sales, commissions and bonus awards.

And your buyers will get the VIP treatment when they join the EMAIL ALCHEMY "ELITE" family.

Let's make hay for years to come!