ENCORE TRAINING: Thursday, November 2nd

Expanded, Amplified, Concentrated...

New EMAIL ALCHEMY "ELITE" Quick-Profit Clinic:

Real World, Independently Verified in Multiple Niches, EMAIL MARKETING
Secrets For Doubling, Tripling, Quadrupling Your List-Profits Now... PLUS How to Earn a King's Ransom With EMAIL,  Even if You Don't Yet Have a List! 

yellow-mic ENCORE Webinar Training

THURSDAY, November 2 yellow-calendar

Here's what you can expect to master by attending this intense, progressive, content-loaded free training...

  • Essential EMAIL ALCHEMY concepts, principles and strategies that allow you to out-market, out-sell and out-earn even the toughest and most entrenched players in your niche...
  • CASE STUDY: 3 little known secrets most people will never discover about building a big and hugely responsive email list, FAST!
  • Unconventional strategies that run circles around "dug in" competitors... with faster, cheaper and more agile funnel and campaign creation that turns on a dime...
  • The “guerilla launch” formula for racking up as much as $3, $5, $10, $20 or more per subscriber in mere weeks - with nothing but email and maybe a couple of hastily thrown together webinars…
  • "Sales Universals" and how they can be used to create spell-binding email followup campaigns, even if you SUCK at writing…
  • 5 Tragic Profit-Killing Email Marketing Myths You Probably Believe, BUSTED!

FREE GIFT #1: Daniel's amazing SUBJECT LINE MADNESS for EMAIL MARKETING MASTERY Swipe File -- 437 Proven Subject Lines to Plunder, Pillage and PROFIT! Emailed to you right now, as soon as you sign up.

FREE GIFT #2: Daniel's HOT HOOK Extraction Worksheet for creating cannot-be-ignored themes and stories for your email marketing campaigns, plus Part 1 of his favorite lists opening lines, similes, metaphors, segues and copy check lists. You get them for FREE at the end of this webinar.

yellow-calendarTHURSDAY, November 2 

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