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My goal is to give you the training and tools you need to start up, grow and scale a list-based business online... with the exact systems and strategies I use... so you can earn more money in a month than you typically earn all year working for someone else. And to do it all while living your dream, and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

You’re getting proven, top-tier training in what’s working right now... a vibrant and engaged community for networking, masterminding, and support... and the most powerful email marketing systems and strategies available anywhere.

Think of your EMAIL ALCHEMY "ELITE" membership as your very own "world class" list-building and email marketing department, now at the tip of your fingers, in the form of this interactive and continually evolving resource...

If you’re a beginner, go to the Fellowship Fortune in a Box training at the webinar tab above, and start there. Get started with module 1 immediately. And then watch for additional modules two weeks apart. You will also find word-for-word transcripts and portable mp3 audio files of this training in the “Transcripts” and “Audio” tabs, also above. Note: There is an abridged version of module 4 (The 4 Pillars of List Building) available right now for go-getters! It’s the second folder under the “Bonuses” tab.

Other attractions…

...Your private Facebook community mastermind (click here to join)...

...The CORE ARSENAL, comprised of 12 royalty-free DONE-4-YOU templated campaigns (over 100 emails and growing) to rocket you out of the gate.

The campaigns are modular, designed to be stacked, combined, assembled and re-assembled into literally dozens of sustained "guerilla launch" onslaughts that drive off-the-charts conversions and earnings per click.

Starter Package — There are 3 linked emails pre-configured for generating service business inquiries. And there are 7 linked emails pre-configured for driving product sales. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will also find two accompanying videos in this section that show you how to adapt EMAIL ALCHEMY templates to your product or service. Please watch these videos before working with any of the following series.

Reconnaissance Series  — several templated emails for gathering intelligence about your list, so your material universals match up with what your subscribers value.

Recruitment Series  — a series of templated emails designed to advertise a lead generation magnet or bait piece that gets people onto your list. You give these emails to a JV partner to send out to their list in order to drive traffic to a squeeze page that puts qualified prospects on your list. Or you send these emails to your own list in order to segment contacts as "interested" in a particular offer.

Infiltration Series  a series of templated emails designed to befriend new prospects. You use these to warm up your leads, get "white listed" in the in-box, and prepare for a cash generating guerrilla launch or automated funnel.

Anticipation Series  several email templates designed to foreshadow a campaign and get people thinking about a given problem or opportunity. Here's where you tease them about the value you're going to be bringing them in the days ahead.

Liaison Series   templated broadcast messages engineered to get your subscribers to reply to your emails and create a living dialog around the topic of your guerilla launch.

Propagation Series  linked emails that you send to prospects who have requested a lead generation magnet, in order to encourage consumption of that material.

Enforcer Series — email templates designed to encourage prospects who have already signed up for a live event to actually attend at the allotted time.

Ultimatum Series — templates for deploying a "zero collateral damage" approach to creating scarcity and urgency. These emails combine "secondary reward" with deadlines and takeaways to destroy purchase inertia, while keeping your list happy and buying from you again and again.

Stick Series — templated emails that neutralize buyer remorse and consumption resistance, so you can slash refund rates and solidify trial orders.

Social Influence Series — templated emails that train buyers to give story-driven, results-based, objection-crushing testimony. Eye-witness accounts of your awesomeness on clockwork auto-pilot!

Resurrection Series — templated emails for reviving dead contacts or purging them from your list before they drag down your sender reputation and deliverability.

... The INFINITE ARSENAL, mini CASE STUDIES where I create brand new fleshed-out templates from scratch for my members... for FREE.  4 new EMAIL ALCHEMY TEMPLATES every month... specifically created for members and their businesses. Watch your email for "template calls", where you can submit a request.

...Monthly Live Coaching Webinars. As a member in good standing, you will also be invited to ongoing teaching, demos, coaching, Q & A, feedback, HOT SEATS and oversight. All webinars are recorded and archived.

EMAIL ALCHEMY Track I training modules, delving deep into the core secrets of creating EMAIL ALCHEMY emails and campaigns from scratch.

These materials can be accessed under the following tabs:

Webinars — Mp4 video recordings of each core training module appear in the “webinars tab”.

Audio — An mp3 recording for each session is available in the “audio” tab.

Transcripts — The lecture portion of each webinar is available as a searchable pdf document.

Worksheets — Supporting materials associated with the modules appear in the “worksheets” tab.

Templates — Over 100 templates organized by mailing reason are located under the templates tab. Plus 4 new templates will be created from scratch for members and added each month.

Bonuses — EMAIL ALCHEMY "ELITE" also includes a 4-part Bonus collection. Each training module introduces a new set of bonuses. I have also included my 4 Pillars of List Building field manual, for help attracting subscribers.

I’m looking forward to delivering the most intense, mind-expanding and income exploding EMAIL ALCHEMY experience ever. Email is about to become your secret ace-in-the-hole and most powerful marketing weapon.

Before you dive in, head on over to our vibrant, private Facebook community of alchemists, and make an introduction. There's nothing like seeing other folks in the thick of it to inspire you to action!

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Discuss your most difficult and perplexing problems with your peers.

Network with fellow alchemists.

Celebrate your successes.

You’ll be shocked at how generous my high-quality members can be.

Daniel Levis


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